Accommodation at Weeroona

There are three types of accommodation at Weeroona; single rooms, shared rooms and extra service suites.

Shared rooms can accommodate two residents at any given time. Single rooms offer private accommodation and extra service suites provide residents with their own private room and ensuite bathroom.

Weeroona has four wings

Wings Beds Accommodation Type
Acacia 28
  • Private rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Some rooms are extra service
Grevillia, Banksia 43
  • Single rooms
  • Two bed shared rooms
  • Shared bathrooms
Waratah 24
  • Two bed shared rooms with shared bathrooms
Total Beds 95  

Accommodation Questions

  • Q: What are Extra Services?
    Extra services involve the provision of a significantly higher than average standard of services including accommodation, the range and quality of food, and non-care services such as recreational and personal interest activities.