Canberra Residents

Transport vehicle

Weeroona now services the Canberra market

Are you a resident in the ACT and require an aged care bed in a modern, reasonably priced facility? If so, Weeroona could be the place for you. In 2016, Weeroona began admitting residents from Canberra and its surrounding areas. We recognise that there are a number of difficulties that exist when trying to gain entry to a Canberra facility. This is the reason that our doors have now opened to the Canberra market.

If you live in the ACT and would like to know why Weeroona is worth considering, here’s a few reasons:

  • Placement in the ACT can often be difficult, with demand often outweighing the number of beds available.
  • Both permanent and respite beds are available at Weeroona.
  • Beds are available for residents that are fully supported by the Australian government.
  • Weeroona’s Refundable Accommodation Deposits (RADs) range between $250,000-$320,000. In Canberra, asking RAD prices reach as high as $750,000.
  • Renovated 2 bed rooms available for couples and companions.
  • A wheelchair accessible transport vehicle is available for hire from Weeroona and is able to transfer you to and from Canberra should you require its use. This vehicle is also used when residents require transport to and from medical appointments.

If the above points interest you and you would like to make an enquiry about placement, permanent or respite, please don’t hesitate to contact our administration team on 02 6342 3333.